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Ohio Defensive Handgun TrainingLet's face it. What good is a concealed carry license if you can't get your firearm from concealment in time to use it? Can you draw and fire your concealed gun safely without shooting yourself or a bystander? CCW carries with it the responsibility to learn to draw YOUR gun, from YOUR place of concealment, and actually fire it.

This course will give you the experience of drawing YOUR firearm from YOUR concealment and shooting it during multiple scenarios.

You will learn the following:

  • The safe way to draw and fire from a holster, purse, fanny pack, coat, etc.
  • Shoot and no shoot situations.
  • Shooting and moving.
  • Multiple shot techniques.
  • And, a couple of surprises that we keep under our hat, until class time, that we guarantee you will enjoy.

Class size is limited, and they fill up early.

Prerequisite training required for this course: NASR Basic Pistol or Basic CCW or Defensive HG PreReq class.

Equipment requirements: Student MUST have a STRONG SIDE HIP HOLSTER (NO NYLON). Holster opening must not be collapsible. Please wear a sturdy belt that fits your pants belt loops and a holster that fits your belt size. We suggest a holster with a friction fit. Holster must cover the trigger guard.

  • Semiauto Pistol: 3 working magazines with at least one magazine pouch (two or double is best).
  • Revolver: 2 speed loaders and at least two pouches.
  • 300 rounds of ammunition (minimum)
  • Concealment garment that zips or buttons up the front (jacket, vest, etc.)

This is a class that you are sure to tell your friends of on how much you learned and how much fun you had learning! Sign up below and join us for our next class.

For those who do not meet the prerequisite requirement of having attended Aimhi-New Albany Shooting Range CCW training, but have already obtained an Ohio concealed carry license and would like to attend our Defensive Handgun training course please click on this link.

COST: $199.95

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