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Ohio CCW TrainingTraining so fun and professional you will want to brag to your friends about it. Don't be misled by other sites who provide instruction on a part time basis as supplemental income. We train thousands each year with one on one coaching designed to be family friendly. And, we do it all in the comfort of our heated/air conditioned INDOOR ranges and classrooms. No sitting in a small, stuffy classroom or shooting in the cold, rain or scorching heat when you train with us.

We are the only CCW training center in Ohio that provides you with a real semi auto pistol and a traditional revolver in the classroom to practice loading, unloading, making safe and practicing the correct fundamentals to shoot accurately. All classroom training is done with dummy ammunition so you will be completely at ease with the firearms when you go to the range to shoot the real thing.

This 12-hour course is designed for beginning and experienced shooters to help you master the shooting skills and attitudes essential to the safe and efficient use of a concealed carry handgun, for your protection and for the protection of others.

This course exceeds the requirements as set forth in Ohio's CCW legislation.

In the classroom, students learn the following:

  • Safety rules and procedures
  • Handgun components and functioning
  • Ammunition basics and malfunctions
  • Parts and functioning of revolvers and semi-auto pistols
  • Shooting fundamentals (grip, stance, sight and trigger management)
  • Cleaning and safe storage
  • Legal aspects of Concealed Carry
  • Concealment options

On our range, students practice the following:

  • Range safety and marksmanship training.
  • Marksmanship fundamentals, with appropriate coaching, using all of the following firearms:
         a. 38SPL/357 Magnum revolver
         b. 9MM semi-auto pistol
         c. 45ACP semi-auto pistol
  • Shooting in low light.
  • Shooting with a tactical flashlight.
  • Shooting night sights.
  • Shooting with a Laser.

We offer three different 12-hour class arrangements to fit your schedule. All three are priced at $159.95:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 6 PM to 10 PM
  • Saturday, Sunday from 9 AM to 4 PM
  • Friday from 8 AM to 9 PM

Are you looking for, Ohio ccw training, ccw classes ohio, ccw training Ohio, concealed carry training Ohio? Everything you need to successfully complete the CCW course is provided for you: Guns, Ammunition, Targets, Eye and Ear protection, Books, Safety and Legal Brochures.

Our facilities are fully handicapped accessible! Lodging is available at the Courtyard Marriott just 1/2 mile from the range.

NOTE: Before registering for ANY CCW Class, ask if they do their shooting inside or outside? Ask if their range is approved by the Ohio Peace Office Training Academy? Shooting in the rain or cold is difficult and uncomfortable at best, that is why we hold ALL our classes at our INDOOR range. See our FAQ Page for some helpful tips on CCW Training.

We guarantee you will enjoy the training, the shooting, the staff, and the 10% discount coupon you receive on successful completion of the course!

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